1. Transgender Business Services Open for Business
    March 16, 2016
    Transgender Business Services Open for Business
    I received my DBA approval from the California Secretary of State, and I am open for business!!
  2. First Day Publicity
    March 21, 2016
    First Day Publicity
    Got my press release published nationally. I'm now working with a video production company to produce and market a Transgender Awareness video course. More news soon to come on that project.
  3. Cal Business Journal Article
    March 21, 2016
    Cal Business Journal Article
    This article appeared today in the California Business Journal, an online business publication.
Carolyn Weiss & TG Awareness Training
Carolyn Weiss at Temple Emet TG Awareness Training

Transgender Issues Training for Local Jewish Congregation On April 11, 2016

.Along with Patrick Rock, an FtM activist in the Jewish Community, I proivided instruction and enlightenment to a local Jewish congregation.  It was very well received by the members present, who were welcoming and opened their hearts and minds.
New Transgender Awareness Course Seeks to
End Widespread Workplace Discrimination

First-of-its-kind e-learning course teams experienced trainer with ZipMart’s education marketplace to help businesses meet legal requirements and support employees

Los Angeles, Calif. – The rights of transgender Americans have never been so hotly debated. Whether in the military, in schools, in athletics or in the workplace, ending transgender discrimination has become one of the civil rights causes of this decade. And with a new estimate out last week that there are 1.4 million transgender Americans – double previous figures – it’s an issue that touches every community in the country. 

Now an experienced transgender awareness trainer is teaming up with education marketplace ZipMart to launch a first-of-its-kind, HR Certification Institute-approved course to help businesses create a truly inclusive workplace – and understand their responsibility and liability under the law. The course is featured on as well as available for licensing.  With 90% of transgender men and women still experiencing harassment at work, workplace discrimination impacts businesses of every size in every industry.

“The simple truth is that in many organizations, most colleagues and managers don’t understand the issues, don’t know how to manage an employee transition or even which pronouns to use,” said trainer Carolyn Weiss, who herself transitioned after a year-long conversation with management while working at the City of Los Angeles. “This course is designed to change all that. It will lower the risk for businesses while preventing discrimination against men and women who truly need their colleagues’ support.”