Carolyn M. Weiss, President

My goal is to assist you, the business owner or manager, to make your workplace a supportive and welcoming environment for all current and future transgender employees, clients and visitors.  I will accomplish this by presenting to you, your managers and Human Resources staff,  concise, relevant and accurate information in a non-threatening and respectful manner.  My job is to educate and enlighten.

I worked for the City of Los Angeles for over 30 years.  I have 11 years experience working with business professionals as Deputy Director of the Community Development Department's Economic Development Division.  I also managed the City's State Enterprise Zone & Federal Empowerment Zone Programs.

I have spoken before Chambers of Commerce, business seminars and to business owners in groups of every size, and understand your concerns and needs.

I transitioned on-the-job in 2011, and presented my story to over 200 fellow employees, with great results.  My transition was a  success, and I am certain that I can bring that same success to employees in your organization.

Additional experience and qualifications include:

1.  Former Member, West Hollywood Transgender Advisory Board (3 years).

2. Vice President & Asst. Forum Director, Laura's Playground Transgender Suicide Prevention and Support web site (6 years).

3.  "Trans 101" presentations to the Hollywood Worksource Career Center staff

4. "Trans 101" training to the Hollywood FamilySource Center staff.

5.  Presentation to the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.

6.  Presentations to USC Keck School of Medicine students.

Carolyn Weiss At Work With CDD
Proudly serving all of Los Angeles, Orange, & San Bernardino Counties